How to install the KCIDB package

KCIDB requires Python v3.9 or later.

To install the package for the current user, run this command:

pip3 install --user <SOURCE>

Where <SOURCE> is the location of the package source, e.g. a git repo:

pip3 install --user git+

or a directory path:

pip3 install --user .

In any case, make sure your PATH includes the ~/.local/bin directory, e.g. with:

export PATH="$PATH":~/.local/bin

Before you execute any of the tools make sure you have the path to your Google Cloud credentials stored in the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS variable. E.g.:

export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=~/.credentials.json

If you’re representing a submitting CI system accessing the KCIDB service, you will get your credentials from us. Otherwise you will need to create a service account in your Google Cloud project, and download its key file to act as the credentials.

Last modified November 18, 2021