Contributing Guidelines

KernelCI core project is open for contributions. Contributions may consist of adding new builds, tests and device types as well as features and bugfixes for KernelCI core tools. The best way to contribute is to send a PR to kernelci-core. When the PR is created, the KernelCI staging instance takes care of updating the branch. In general the branch is updated every 8h and a limited set of builds and tests are run on it. More detailed information about the logic behind staging runs can be found here.

There are several guidelines which can facilitate the PR review process:

  1. Make sure the PR is well described
    1. Describe the purpose of the changes
    2. Example use cases are welcome
  2. Attach staging build/test results when possible. Keep in mind that staging jobs are run every 8 hours.
    1. If the PR is expected to produce build/test results check staging dashboard and make sure these are mentioned in the PR comment
      1. Build artifacts including logs are not kept permanently (9 days for staging), so it’s generally recommended to put them in a place that’d make them last if you want them to be part of the PR. Good way to do that seem to be:
        • Putting important information such as log fragments in the PR comments
        • Using services like pastebin to store data important for the PR (e.g. full logs) and pasting the links.
    2. If the results are not visible on staging and you think they should be, mention it in the comments, too
  3. Make sure that reviewers’ comments and questions are addressed
    1. When there are comments unanswered for more than 1 month the PR will be closed
  4. In case there is a need to consult the PR with KernelCI maintainers join the open hours
    1. Open hours take place every Thursday at 12:00 UTC at KernelCI Jitsi
  5. Should you need help, you can reach KernelCI maintainers
Last modified December 8, 2022