About the instance

The Civil Infrastructure Platform project (CIP) manages a separate instance of KernelCI. In reality this “instance” is part of the main instance but the configuration of what is built and tested is managed in separate configuration files by maintainers from the CIP project.

The development and production workflows are identical to the main KernelCI instance. Visit the production documentation to learn more about the process.

The CIP “instance” can be accessed at the URI, which is essentially a shortcut to


KernelCI currently monitors two CIP Linux kernel trees.

  • cip: The “upstream” CIP Linux kernel tree is located at on
  • cip-gitlab: This is a mirror of the upstream CIP tree hosted on GitLab. In addition this tree has extra, unique branches that are used to trigger specific CI build and test jobs


The build configurations (trees, branches, configurations etc.) are defined in build-configs-cip.yaml from the kernelci-core project.

The test configurations (devices, test cases, rootfs etc.) are defined in test-configs-cip.yaml.

Project Board

There is a separate issues board on GitHub for the CIP instance. Recent, current and future activities can be viewed.


If you have any new features/requests/bugs to request/report, please raise a GitHub issue against the relevant KernelCI repository and add CIP to the subject. One of the CIP maintainers will then assign the issue to the CIP GitHub project as appropriate.

We also welcome any GitHub Pull Requests. Again, please prepend these with CIP so that they can be identified easily.

Last modified September 20, 2022