KernelCI maintainers (legacy system)

Software Maintainers

Frontend (deprecated)

The KernelCI frontend provides a dynamic web dashboard showing the data available from the backend. A new workboard is currently being developed to replace it and include data from KCIDB.

Backend (deprecated)

The KernelCI backend provides a web API to send build and test results and let the frontend dashboard retrieve. It also generates email reports, tracks regressions and triggers automated bisections. The new API will eventually replace it.

Jenkins (deprecated)

The current KernelCI pipeline is using Jenkins. While this is about to be replaced with the new pipeline and API, the purpose remains essentially the same: orchestrating the builds and tests on

  • Maintainers: broonie, mgalka, nuclearcat
  • Components: kernelci-jenkins
  • Resources: Azure, GCE

Instance maintainers

As there are several KernelCI instances, it’s necessary to have people dedicated to each of them.

Production instance (legacy)

The KernelCI components and services need to be regularly updated on the production instance with the latest code and configuration changes. This includes typically enabling coverage for new kernel branches or running new tests, as well as updating rootfs and Docker images with the latest versions of all the packages being used.

It is currently done once a week on average, although deployment may become gradually more continuous as services start to get hosted in the Cloud and run in Docker containers.

Staging instance (legacy)

All the incoming pull requests are merged into temporary integration branches and deployed on [](] for testing. This is explained in greater detail in the Staging section.

ChromeOS instance (legacy)

The Chrome OS KernelCI instance is dedicated to building specific kernels and running Chrome OS tests on Chromebooks. This is very close to the code used in production but has continuous deployment like the staging one, including open pull requests for the chromeos branches. These branches need to be regularly rebased with any extra patches that are not merged upstream, typically after each production update.

CIP instance (legacy)

The CIP instance is dedicated to building CIP specific kernels with CIP configurations. Currently the CIP KernelCI code is in production.

Last modified August 11, 2023